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News of the king’s execution: newsbooks, temporality, and the regicide of Charles I
Jul 3, 2018
The Regicide of Charles I and Its Impact on Visions of Time and the Future
Mar 22, 2018
Wielding the Future: historians and the execution of Charles I
Mar 2, 2018
‘A Prognostication for the Time Present and Future’: Astrologers, Time, and the Regicide of Charles I
Feb 21, 2018
‘What the world counts losse is gaine’: national trauma and historians’ conceptions of the future in early modern England
Sep 28, 2017
Coming to terms with disruption: the impact of the execution of Charles I on historians and their treatments of the past
Jul 12, 2017
‘If tho doest not beware in time’: crisis and temporality in the almanacs of the English Civil Wars
Jun 14, 2017
‘When the Bridegroome shall come’: Astrologers and time as rhetoric during the English Civil Wars
Jun 8, 2017


The Regicide of Charles I and Conceptions of the Future

This research project aims to examine how this traumatic and unexpected event affected contemporaries’ ideas of time, progress, and the future. In what ways did contemporaries conceive of the future, and how did these conceptions change because of the regicide? I seek to detail how contemporaries coped with the regicide, and how traumatic events were incorporated into their changed notions of historical progress and the future. This study documents a change in historical consciousness, in order to understand what contemporaries thought lay ahead for their society and country.


University of Cambridge

  • Seminar classes on topics of time and gender for final-year history undergraduates
  • Seminar classes on research conceptualisation and presentation for postgraduates

National University of Singapore

  • Supervisions on writing and critical thinking for first-year undergraduates
  • Lectures and seminar discussions on oral history methodology for undergraduates